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Speech and Language Disabilities

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When a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently, or has problems with his or her voice, then he or she has a speech disorder. Difficulties pronouncing sounds, or articulation disorders, and stuttering are examples of speech disorders.





  • Your child does not use early developing sounds.                                                       
  • Your child is non-verbal at the age of two.
  • Your child is over three and not easily understood.
  • Your child becomes frustrated when not understood.
  • You child says a sound in isolation, but connected speech.
  • Your school-aged child still has difficulty with specific sounds such as R, L, or S.




  • Notetakers and/or audiotaped class sessions, captioned films  
  • Extra exam time, alternative testing arrangements  
  • Visual, aural, and tactile instructional demonstrations  
  • Computer with speech output, spellchecker, and grammar checker




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